Annual General Meeting 20 April 2016

Our Annual General Meeting will take place on 20 April, 19h00 at the Edgemead High School. Please invite your neighbours. We hope to see as many of you there as possible.

Our guest speaker Mike Voortman, Chairman of Constantia Watch and the Constantia Valley Watches Association, will present an informative talk on License Plate Recognition (LPR) systems and their community control room.

If you would like to give your time and actively help, you are welcome to nominate yourself (or someone else) to join the Edgemead Residents Association committee. In particular we are looking for a Treasurer and Secretary. If you know of anyone who has skills and capacity in either of these spaces, please do let us know. We would really appreciate it.

Nomination forms are available from our website. You can also view our constitution online.

Meeting Agenda

Runway Re-Alignment Update

Just a quick update to say thank you to those who took the time out to sign an objection letter. The ERA submitted just over 1500 letters on behalf of residents. These have been acknowledged as received and will be submitted with the EIA report.

We have a received a request from SRK for those that have signed an objection letter to please follow-up in email to or In terms of the EIA Regulations, they are required to register any person who submits comment on the project database. Those registered will be notified of, for example, the availability of the Final EIA Report. Ideally, this is best done via email rather than post. This does not affect the status of your submission, but will make future communication with you much easier.

Objections Going Well

Just a quick word of thanks for the support from Edgemead and surrounding residents. We have so far submitted just over 900 objection letters on your behalf. We will keep submitting letters up to the closing date. We have been told by SRK that everything they have in their mailboxes upon arrival at work on Tuesday morning the 26th will be considered.

Runway Re-alignment Objection Letter

To make things easier for those who wish to object to the runway re-alignment and the proposed flight path changes that will see planes flying over Edgemead and Bothasig, we have compiled a short objection letter. You are free to submit this letter verbatim or edit it as you see fit. Objections need to be sent to by no later than the 25th of May. You are welcome to CC

To assist those that don’t have access to internet or email we will have printed copies at the Edgemead Shopping centre on Sunday 17 May from 10am.

You can download the letter here: Runway Realignment Objection Letter

Additionally you can also download this informative article on noise pollution which is referenced in our letter: Noise Pollution A Modern Plague

How The Proposed Flight Paths Will Affect You

There are some very real consequences to a new runway and flight path directly over Edgeamead and Bothasig.

• Dramatic increase in noise directly above you
• Passenger flights from 05:45 to 00:15
• Cargo flights at 02:00, 03:15 and 04:00
• Increase from 25 to 44 flights per hour
• Larger aircraft
• Potential negative effect on property value
• Air quality: Increased atmospheric emissions
• Increased noise exposure can affect your sleep patterns and overall well-being

Be sure to make time to attend the public meeting on the 13th of May and submit your comments to the contacts listed on the SRK website.

Cape Town International Airport Runway Re-alignment Public Open Day

As should hopefully already be aware that Cape Town International Airport is undertaking a runway re-alignment project. An environmental impact assessment has started which necessitates public participation. A key portion of the re-alignment project are the proposed new flight paths which could see many more airplanes travelling over Edgemead resulting in a lot more noise pollution. It is important that you make your voice heard and either suggest alternative routes such as further South West over Montague Gardens and Killarney Gardens or query why existing paths cannot be maintained.

There is an open day at Bothasig Hall, Link Road, Bothasig on 13 May 2015, 15:00 – 19:00. Please make the time to attend.

More information can be found on the SRK website. You should consult the documents under Appendix 6C – Noise Study and Appendix 6E – Noise Review.