Bains Way Undeveloped Open Space

In a recent feedback report from Councillor Vos the following information was made known to us:

Edgemead we can look forward to some positive progress in Bains Way in future years. I am sure that you will agree with me that that the undeveloped open space in this road has caused many problems to the local community as far as dumping and squatting is concerned. After many years of numerous meetings and letters we have now finally received confirmation from the Provincial authorities that this site is allocated to the Edgemead High School for sporting purposes. I am very excited with the outcome of this matter as it now provides the Edgemead schools with an opportunity to further their development and promotion of sport and recreation amongst our youth. We now require the support and backing of business and community to turn this unsightly bush into pleasant sporting grounds for the enjoyment of everyone.

If you would like to offer your support please contact us or get in touch with Councillor Vos directly.

Recycling Points

As some of you may already have noticed, the recycling igloos at the Edgemead Library have been removed. Their new home is now alongside the existing igloos at the Edgemead Shopping Centre.

If you have items other than those that can be dropped off at the igloos you can visit the Tygerdal, Welgelegen or 5th Avenue Parow drop off sites.  The following items can be dropped off: Paper, Plastics, Cardboard, Metal, Glass bottles, Tetra-Pek, Polystyrene, Electronic Waste, Mixed Recyclables and other materials. Mixed recyclables e.g. mingled paper, plastics etc. These recyclables are not sorted into different recyclable streams. Any “other” recyclables apart from what is listed in the table above, e.g. white goods, wood, bricks, etc.

These materials are then taken to the recycling companies in the industry, such as, Consol, Mondi, SA Metal, Recycling associations, etc.

You can locate all these sites from the map page.