Edgemead News May/June 2017

The electronic version is now available, enjoy!

Edgemead News May/June 2017

Note: As some of you may have noticed our article regarding the proposed electricity increase, was no longer current at the time you received your copy of the Edgemead News. Article submissions closed on the 18th of May and our final proof was sent to the printers on the 24th of May. The announcement to halt the increase was published on the 30th of May. Our information was correct and verifiable, and all criticisms grounded, at the time of going to print. As anyone in the publication industry knows when it’s final, it’s final!

ERA Special General Meeting – 10 August 2016

There will be a special general meeting on 10 August 2016, 18:00 at the Monte Vista / Edgemead Community Hall. The topic of discussion will the Cape Town International Runway Realignment Project. SRK Consulting will be offering a feedback session based on questions from residents. Please submit your questions to edgemead.ra@gmail.com so we can collate and pass them on to SRK prior to the meeting. We urge all residents to attend.

The final EIA documents are now available: www.srk.co.za/en/cape-town-international-airport-runway-re-alignment-eia
If you are pressed for time you should at least try to read the executive summary (445354_CTIA Runway Realignment_Final EIA Report_Executive Summary_July 2016). There is also a lot of detailed information in the noise reports (Appendix 6C_ Noise Specialist Study_Part1&Part2, Appendix 6D_Noise Independent Review). The property valuation study may also be of interest (Appendix 6J_Property Valuation Study).