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Edgemead High School

Although a Garden Cities’ survey in 1984 showed that almost 50% of the children in Edgemead were under six years of age, there were nevertheless sufficient older ones to warrant a high school.  The authorities said that no funds were available, but the ERA was not prepared to accept this without putting up a fight.  Lots of hard work, tenacity and determination were needed but, under the capable chairmanship of Steve Hayward, the committees of Edgemead and Monte Vista RA’s finally met with the Provincial Administrator, successfully convinced him of the necessity, and R4,2 million was budgeted for a high school in Edgemead.

Edgemead was exceptionally fortunate in the appointment of the highly qualified Dr Malcolm Venter as principal and he, in turn, was pleased to see how excited his staff of 10 teachers was “at the privilege of being able to set up a new school”. It was on 21 January 1986 that the first busload of some 70 eager pupils arrived at the Oude Molen Primary School in Pinelands, where they were to be temporarily housed until the new building was completed and, in January of the following year, 210 Std. 6 and 7 pupils took their places in the newly-constructed Edgemead High School building.  It was painted in a rather lurid colour, described by pupils with comments varying from “Big, orange and modern”, down to a simple “Wow!” EHS also had the advantage of being the last school to be built which included a school hall and its own sports fields.

1990 saw the first ever EHS Matric Dance.  Run on a shoestring budget, it turned out to be a roaring success, in part due to the wonderful ‘Fantasia’ theme decorations.

During the 20 years of Dr Venter’s excellent leadership, EHS has grown into one of the most sought-after high schools in Cape Town due to its outstanding academic results. From the initial enrolment of 210, it now has almost 1300 pupils, a total staff complement of 76, science equipment, two IT centres, and many sports facilities.