LPR – Frequently Asked Questions

What is LPR?

License Plate Recognition also know as LPR is an innovative tool used to combat crime. Specialized cameras record the license plate of vehicles as they enter or leave an area. If a suspicious vehicle is reported to the control room it can be flagged and then tracked so SAPS or private security companies can be dispatched on an intercepting course.

A database of suspicious vehicles is built up over time and shared with other communities so as soon as they enter a monitored area an alert is generated in the control room.

Why do we need an LPR system?

The reality is that SAPS and Law Enforcement resources are strained and criminals are always evolving their modus operandi, so we have to be clever about how we push back against crime. LPR technology is one of those clever tools. Make no mistake criminals are aware that these systems exist which means areas without LPR are more likely to become a target.

Which suburbs should donate?

This system is intended to benefit residents of Bothasig and Edgemead. So we encourage residents as well as the businesses in our neigbourhood to donate.

Where are the cameras located?

We don’t believe it makes sense to openly publish the locations of the cameras, why should we volunteer this information to potential criminals? We will be taking guidance from SAPS on the order in which we install cameras as they know which access roads are more problematic than others.

How does this affect my privacy?

In short it doesn’t. The system only records vehicles on public roads. Access to the information is strictly controlled and all persons working on the system have to be vetted by SAPS.

LPR strengths

Any crimes involving vehicles. Criminals entering an area with a flagged vehicle will generate an alert an can be tracked. Similarly vehicles that have been reported as stolen or hijacked can be loaded on the system and found if they have passed an LPR camera.

What LPR cannot be used for

We cannot monitor foot traffic.

What about vehicles with false number plates or no number plates?

Where a vehicle has no number plate we still have the ability to manually locate the vehicle by make and model by reviewing data gathered for within a certain time window.

A flag can still be created if this vehicle is deemed suspicious. Similarly vehicles with false number plates can be flagged and we can also flag the legitimate vehicle as such.

In the event of a alert being triggered on a vehicle with a false number plate the controller will review the footage to see if it is a wanted or legitimate vehicle and act accordingly.