Lost: Cat, Edgemead

Name: Biscuits
Area Last Seen: On Friday, 21st August in Twickenham Way, Edgemead
Brief Description: Brownish/yellowish Tabby cat. No name tag.
Additional: This is my second cat that disappeared in a period of 2 months. My first one was a greyish Tabby called by the named Junior. She also appears on this photo.
Contact Name and Number: Deliah 0734407248


Runway Re-Alignment Update

Just a quick update to say thank you to those who took the time out to sign an objection letter. The ERA submitted just over 1500 letters on behalf of residents. These have been acknowledged as received and will be submitted with the EIA report.

We have a received a request from SRK for those that have signed an objection letter to please follow-up in email to smasson@srk.co.za or sjones@srk.co.za. In terms of the EIA Regulations, they are required to register any person who submits comment on the project database. Those registered will be notified of, for example, the availability of the Final EIA Report. Ideally, this is best done via email rather than post. This does not affect the status of your submission, but will make future communication with you much easier.

Objections Going Well

Just a quick word of thanks for the support from Edgemead and surrounding residents. We have so far submitted just over 900 objection letters on your behalf. We will keep submitting letters up to the closing date. We have been told by SRK that everything they have in their mailboxes upon arrival at work on Tuesday morning the 26th will be considered.